Student Teacher Program

Internship Description: Showcase Dance Studio provides an in-house student training program for students who are interested in becoming dance teachers. Students will work side by side with a tenured teacher once a week. In addition, students will be assigned to a class that is appropriate for their age, ability, and level of experience. Students will be selected after all student teacher applications have been reviewed. Our program runs from September to June. This internship program is free of charge to those who meet our guidelines.


  • Student is at least 12 yrs. old
  • Students have danced a minimum of 1 year at Showcase Dance Studio
  • Student takes at least 4 hours of class a week. (Ballet is a prerequisite).
  • Student is responsible and will call/e-mail director 24 hours in advance if they will be absent. Students are expected to treat this position like a job.
  • Student arrives on-time to class § Student dresses in the appropriate attire to help instruct class. Studio dress code is followed while assisting/taking class.
  • While in school, in public, or at the dance studio student is expected to be responsible and respectful representatives of our school.
  • Student is a positive role model
  • Student enjoys working with children.
  • Student must respond positively to teacher evaluations and constructive criticism during their tenure as a student teacher.

*Student teachers who miss more than 3 assigned student teacher classes will be immediately dismissed from the program.

Why Student Teach?

  • Gain leadership experience
  • Earn community service hours for your resume/college applications
  • Gain valuable teaching skills from your mentor, which in-turn will help you become a better dancer.
  • Share your love of dance with others
  • Give back to your community in a positive way
  • Earn a position as a dance teacher in the future

How To Apply For Our Program

Fill out a “Student Teacher Application” (PDF) and return to the studio. Late applications will not be accepted, please verify dates with our offices.