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My daughter began dancing in January of 2011 Crystal welcomed her and she learned not only steps, but technique. After her first recital, my son said "I'm coming here next year!" He is going into his 3rd year. He won't even miss class for his birthday! My kids and I love it!

Dana Wescott

Our daughter, Lexi, loves being a part of Showcase. It has been so much fun to watch the growth in her confidence and her skills since she began dancing a few years ago. When she started at Showcase, Lexi could not do a cartwheel, she was not flexible and her movement was not very fluid. I assumed that was just how she was made and I was just happy that dancing gave her so much joy. Much to my delight, through hard work Lexi has made such great strides in dancing. She can now do cartwheels, kick her legs high in the air, do a split and her movement has become much more fluid. Coming from a family that has very tight muscles, this amazes me! I am so thankful to Showcase for providing Lexi with such a wonderful experience.

Meryl Ater

Showcase is a home away from home for my daughter, Madison. She loves her dance classes, her teachers, and her dance friends. Showcase provides an enriching and nurturing learning experience with an amazing owner/artistic director and fantastic instructors. Madison exudes pride, passion, and the quest for perfection in her dancing abilities as a result of the talented role models and innovative dance instruction at Showcase. Maureen Palmer, Proud Showcase Mom

Maureen Palmer

We love Showcase Dance Studio! They have age appropriate dancing, music and costumes and excellent teachers that bring out the best in my girls! They have improved so much in their years at Showcase and their love of dance has grown with it! Thank you Showcase!

Patty Stubenhofer

I love Showcase!! They have the best teachers, the kids are all nice and I love going there!!!

Leah Jackson

This is a great teaching studio with a great, caring staff. Your child will learn, be motivated, and appreciate the warm family environment.

Branton NA

Showcase Dance Studio has been such a wonderful experience for my daughter. She has learned discipline, appropriate self body image and confidence in herself. The instructors are so great with the kids and passionate about what they do. I can’t wait to see what the next several years will bring at Showcase!!

Kelley W

I love showcase it is like my second home and we all are one big happy family!! :)

Abby Dow

Showcase dance students are amazing. Not only are they taught the art of dance, but more importantly, they are taught to have a good character, which comes from discipline and respect. Ms. Crystal instills a love of dance and encourages each student to grow as a dancer at their own pace. After years of taking dance at Showcase, my daughter has become much more confident and well-mannered (even at home). Showcase has become my daughter's second home.

Stacey Rubach

Being part of the "Showcase Family" is great. My daughter, Abby, loves dance even more since she has been at the studio. She is always learning something new, she's never bored, and can't wait to go to dance. All the credit goes to Crystal and her teaching staff.

Nina Dow

It’s worth it to me to drive 2 hours and 10 minutes (round trip) for my daughter to attend Showcase Dance Studio, Inc. Here are some reasons why: -High Quality Instruction -Equality Among Students -Clean Environment -Clear Communication -Impressive Recitals My daughter’s only complaint is that I need to buy her a larger water bottle!

Erica Wohlhueter

My daughter, Natalie, is going into her 4th year dancing at Showcase. I love that the director, office manager, and dance teachers are friendly and caring. It is obvious that they love children and love teaching them how to dance. Their patience and kindness has helped my daughter to grow and mature not only as a dancer, but as an individual. Showcase feels like a family to my daughter and my family. I highly recommend Showcase Dance Studio!

Courtney McDonald

My daughter loves her teachers and I have been extremely happy with Showcase. I value your organization and attention to detail. Everyone is very friendly and professional. Thank you!

Lori Purvis